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I can’t wait.


The acts of the flash.

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I got a job as a photographer recently. It mainly means taking hundreds of photos per night of people getting drunk and getting closer to each other. To keep my mind on top of things, I’ve started a new blog, where I’ll post the pictures which for some reason stand out from all the rubbish.

The acts of the flash.


Miniclick Pecha Kucha Presentation

Posted in blog by ondra loup on 13/11/2012


I took this photo a few months ago for my as yet unfinished and unnamed project. I will be showing 20 other pictures on the same theme this evening at the Miniclick Pecha Kucha Night if you are in Brighton, you are more than welcome.


The Plant

Posted in blog by ondra loup on 29/08/2012


My friend Josh lent me his Mamiya 645. It was my first experience with medium format film.

I’m in the process of procuring the necessary finances to get my own MF camera.